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Weekend Camping

Ockanickon offers weekend camping from September to  early April.  Units can rent campsites for a weekend stay starting at $30.00. Units may rent multiple sites allowing for unique events like Webelos/Boy Scout Camping Weekend where one group enjoys the warmth of Grundy Lodge while other boys hone their winter camp skills staying in a nearby site. Once you’ve determined what facilities you’d like to use, please complete and submit an Short Term Camping Application.

Steps to Making a Reservation

  1. Determine what facility or facilities you’d like to use
  2. Determine when you’d like to use those facilities (most weekends from October to April are open except holidays) (September will be closed for the 2015 season)
  3. Contact the Washington Crossing Council Service Center (215) 348-7205 to check availability.
  4. Review Ockanickon’s Short-Term Camping policies
  5. Complete and submit a Short Term Camping Application


Map: Camp map
Site Schematics: -Please note: No Tents are available for weekend camping. Tent denotes only a platform this time of the year.
-Not all sites are represented.  These schematics were last updated in 2013 for Ockanickon’s summer program.
Campsite Schematics

Palmer Lodge A
  • Capacity = 20
  • Spring Cots
  • Electricity
  • Refrigerator
  • Small Range
  • Small Oven
  • Wood Stove downstairs
  • Elect. Baseboard upstairs
  • Coed Facility

Located in the center of the old camp, Palmer Lodge (A & B) is one of the original buildings that came with the camp property in 1940. With numerous additions and renovations the building served as the camp dining hall until Foster Hall was constructed in 1995. Currently, Palmer Lodge is split into two sides which are available as winter rentals. In the summer time Palmer A serves as a unique Woodburning program area and Palmer B is one of the best Handicraft Lodges in the North East Region.

Palmer Lodge B
  • Capacity = 40
  • Spring Cots
  • Electricity
  • Refrigerator
  • Large Range
  • Large Oven
  • Central Propane Heat
  • Fire Place
  • Coed facility

Located in the center of the old camp, Palmer Lodge (A & B) is one of the original buildings that came with the camp property in 1940. With numerous additions and renovations the building served as the camp dining hall until Foster Hall was constructed in 1995. Currently, Palmer Lodge is split into two sides which are available as winter rentals. In the summer time Palmer A serves as a unique Wood Burning program area and Palmer B is one of the best Handicraft Lodges in the North East Region.

Grundy Lodge
  • Capacity = 18
  • Spring Cots
  • Electricity
  • Refrigerator
  • Commercial Range
  • Commercial Oven (Vulcan)
  • Wood Burning Stove

Grundy Lodge was built with the help of the Grundy Foundation of Bucks County in 1963. It is available for rental in the off-season and in the summer-time it serves as staff housing. The building’s only source of heat is the wood burning stove but it does have electricity and a gas range for cooking.

Memorial Longhouse
  • Capacity = 40
  • Spring Cots
  • Electricity
  • Refrigerator
  • Commercial Range with Griddle
  • Commercial Oven
  • Central Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Coed Facility

Also known as the O.A. Longhouse, this building was constructed in 1971 by Ajapeu Lodge #33. The building is dedicated to the memory of Douglas Booth and William J. Erkes, both of whom were killed while serving in Vietnam. The building is set-up like one large barracks with a small kitchen area in the front. Central heat makes it a very comfortable building in the winter. Central air makes it a good instructional area for some of the Eagle Required Badges our camp offers in the summertime.

Please note that Cabins do not have bathroom facilities or any other amenities that are not listed above

Campers over the capacity of the cabins are $2.00 each and should bring a tent. If you have more than 5, please rent a campsite as space next to buildings is limited.

There is an additional charge for electricity and/or propane in cabins at the current market rate, this rate is available at check-in.

Campsite Ads. Cap. Fee
Ajapeu 7 42 $84
Ottawa 7 42 $84
Commanche 6 36 $72
Quabosco 5 30 $60
Bischewi 5 30 $60
Wakoda 5 30 $60
Shagbark 4 24 $48
Algonquin 3 18 $36
Tamanend 3 18 $36
Hopi 2 12 $24
  • Each Ad has 6 bunks
  • Most Ads have built in wooden bunks
  • Fire Rings in Campsites
  • Latrine in each Campsite
  • Some Campsites have Pavilions
  • Coed Facility
  • There is room around the Ads for Tents
  • Campers over the capacity of the Adirondacks are $2.00 each and should bring a tent.

Ten of our campsites have these unique three sided buildings which are available for winter camping. Many of these structures date back to the 1950’s and in many of them you can still find the original dedication plaques. Others are brand new, built in 2013 to replace shelters demolished by Super Storm Sandy in the Fall of 2012. Please remember that during certain weather conditions open fires may not be allowed.

Campways Seneca
Outpost Area Picnic Grove
Lenape Mohawk
Dan Beard Field Neshaminy
Tohickon Other________

All tent campsites are rented for $30 per group plus $2.00 for every camper after the first 10. Both youth and adult campers count in the total number of campers. Units must bring their own tents, tarps, cooking utensils and water containers. Complete and mail the unit’s short term camping application (with full fee) to: Washington Crossing Council, B.S.A., One Scout Way, Doylestown, PA 18901


HOW TO CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT-Camp opens at 6:00 PM on Friday. Unit Leaders and Senior Patrol Leaders are required to check-in at Totem Lodge with the Campmasters. The Campmasters will be available at Totem Lodge throughout the weekend in case of an emergency. Upon your arrival please inform them of your planned departure time on Sunday. Units are required to check-out at Totem Lodge no later than 1:00PM on Sunday.
Units are permitted to bring one vehicle into camp to unload at their campsites or lodge. Please help us keep our roads clear by not parking on them. All vehicles must be parked in the camp parking lot for the remainder of the weekend. At camp we have many scouts but none to spare, maximum speed limit on all camp roads is 5 M.P.H. Please do not park on lawns.
DRINKING WATER-Potable water is available at three locations throughout camp: outside Totem Lodge, outside Foster Hall, and outside the BetzDearborne Science Center. You may fill your clean water containers at these locations. Do not clean your dirty dishes at these water fill stations. Units are encouraged to carefully inspect cooking and water storage containers prior to arriving at camp. A chlorine sanitizer should always be used before and after each use of cooking equipment. Clean water is useless and dangerous in a dirty container.
Pack-it-in, pack-it-out is our general policy concerning trash generated by units while they are at camp. All units should therefore plan on taking their trash out with them upon their departure from camp on Sunday.
-Report all injuries to the Campmaster and/or Ranger at Totem Lodge as soon as possible. If the emergency requires hospitalization or emergency medical treatment we will call ahead to make arrangements for you. You unit is responsible for transportation and any costs incurred.
CAMPFIRES & COOKING FIRES-Check with the Campmasters regarding current fire conditions. Use of one fire ring for cooking and one for campfire is permitted if conditions permit. Units are reminded to use low impact camping practices.  Due to insect infestation issues, bringing firewood on to camp property is prohibited. Please gather dead wood from around camp for your unit’s fire needs.
APPROVED HEAT SOURCES-The only approved heat source in a cabin is the heat source it came with. The use of electric heaters, propane heaters, kerosene heaters or hair dryers is prohibited.
THE TOHICKON CREEK-This area of our property makes for great hiking, fishing and exploring. Due to changing water conditions adult supervision is required in this area. Crossing the creek onto private property is not permitted.
-Our lake is always open. Check with the Campmasters and/or Ranger for ice skating conditions. Ice Skating on Great Buck Lake is at your own risk! Fishing is permitted on a catch and release basis. Pennsylvania fishing laws do apply to our lake. Do not take or kill the grass carp in the lake, they control the algae.
-Smoke detectors are installed in all of our buildings for your protection. It is a violation of local fire codes to tamper in any way with the smoke detectors. Units may be fined and loose camping privileges if they violate the fire code.
There is no smoking allowed in buildings, on the porches of buildings. No tobacco use is permitted around children. Your cooperation with this policy is appreciated.
-Conservation and maintenance projects for the benefit of our camp are always available. See the Campmasters and/or Ranger for details.
-The following items are simply not tolerated on our property: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms (other than those that are part of an approved shooting activity). Your cooperation is appreciated.
-Weekend reservation fees are due with the camping application and they are non-refundable and non-transferable.