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Reservations and Fees

WHETHER you have done this all before or you are new at it, moving your troop to summer camp and having a great week doesn’t just happen. Like any endeavor, success tends to be proportional to effort. In this section we have listed some recommendations and ideas from Scout troops that have “done it all before”. We hope you will find this information valuable as you plan for your week of camp at Ockanickon.

Adult Leaders In Camp

Two-deep leadership is the rule for any troop outing and the same applies to summer camp. You must provide at least one adult 21 years of age or older and another adult 18 years of age or older during your troop’s entire time at Ockanickon. Leaders are given steep discounts on their stay because of how much help they provide their Scouts. Please remember this necessity as you plan your summer camp week.

Holding a Troop Summer Camp Meeting

Sometime in the spring, many troops hold a special “Summer Camp Meeting” for the benefit of the boys and their parents. The purpose of such a meeting will vary from troop to troop. Here are some possible topics of discussion that would be beneficial for such a meeting.

  • Your troop’s travel plans (maps, departure & return times) and other information
  • Collection of medical forms, camp fees & merit badge selections
  • Time to counsel individual Scouts on their summer camp plans and to review pre-requisite requirements
  • Selection of troop and patrol activities for the week.
  • Confirm Adult Leadership for the week of camp
  • Question and answer time for parents and curious Scouts

Getting Summer Camp Commitments from Webelos

If your troop is associated with an established Cub Pack, it is important that you always maintain a healthy relationship with that Pack. Cub Scouts are the primary source for new boy Scouts. To make sure that Webelos crossing over have the opportunity to come to summer camp at Ockanickon, it is important that you start talking to them about summer camp, as soon as possible. Here are some suggested ways to get Webelos signed up to go to summer camp with your troop:

Scoutmaster Tool
Invitations Send a special letter to every graduating Webelos Scout inviting them to summer camp with your troop. Promotions Arrange for your S.P.L. and some Scouts to stop by a Webelos Den meeting, teach a skill and talk-up summer camp. Blue & Gold Banquets If you’re Cub Pack has a Blue & Gold Banquet plan on stopping by this year with a few Scouts and some camp pictures.

The task of being a unit leader may seem thankless, but a little bit of planning can help you guarantee a smooth camp stay and make it through to all the thank yous you’ll get (or should get) for your Scouts.

To Do List:

January to March

  • Collect Early Camp Fees
  • Begin Planning with the Patrol Leaders’ Council
  • Prepare Summer Camp Letter to Parents

April to June

  • Check for program updates
  • Medical Forms and Merit Badge Schedules
  • Collect Camp Fees
  • Arrange for Adult Leadership
  • Hold Troop Summer Camp Meeting
  • Attend May 3rd, 2014 Leader Meeting

Three Weeks before Arrival

On Arrival at Camp

  • Copy of Tour and Activity Plan & Proof of Insurance (if out of council)  (The proof of insurance should be obtained via your home council’s service center. It is called “Boy Scout of America Council Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan”.)
  • Final Roster (send to or bring a paper form)
  • Final Payments be prepared with a troop check and a final youth and adult head count to make this part of check in quick and easy. Questions regarding your statement should be handled before you arrive at camp by calling the council service center at 215-348-7205.

Summer Camp Fees, 2014

Our camp program is the best around and we structure our fees to make this experience accessible to everyone. Listed below are the camp fees for summer camp 2014. Please note that when your Scouts commit to camp early by paying early we, as a camp, are better able to save them money through better planning.

Rate Type (see below details) Due By Camp Fee 100% Ockanickon Discount
Special Discounted Rate February 28, 2014 $384.00 $367.00
Special Webelos Crossover Rate May 30, 2014 $384.00 $367.00
Regular Camp Rate per Scout April 25, 2014 $406.00 $385.00
Late Camp Rate per Scout May 30, 2014 $421.00 $411.00
Walk-In Camp Rate after May 30, 2014 $438.00 $426.00
Provisional Camper Rate (1st stay) 2014 Provisional Application arrival at camp $420.00 N/A
Provisional Camper Rate (2nd+ stay) 2014 Provisional Application arrival at camp $350.00 N/A
Adult Leader Slot Rate May 3, 2014 $130.00 N/A
Adult Leader Slot Rate after May 3, 2014 Until Filled $200.00 N/A
Camp Fees are Not Refundable
Notes and Explanations of Above Fees
Special Discount Rate All monies paid by your troop before February 28, 2014 (including any monies rolled over from your 2013 account and $25 of the original $100 enrollment fee) will reserve and secure space for your troop in your week at camp at this Special Discounted Rate.
Webelos Crossover Rate Webelos who crossover to your troop can still qualify for the Special Discount Rate if they are paid in full by May 30, 2014 with copies of crossover applications.
100% Ockanickon Discount Units that attended Ockanickon during the previous summer are eligible for the 100% Ockanickon Discount. This program recognizes returning units with considerable savings in addition to the benefits of being familiar with Ockanickon’s program and policies. Cannot be applied to Provisional Camper Fees or Adult Leader Fees.
Free Weeklong Adult Leaders Free week-long leaders must meet the following qualifications: They must commit to attend camp for the entire week at the May 3rd Leader Meeting and at least one full time camp leader must attend the May 3rd Leader Meeting. For the first 29 scouts  paid to attend camp the troop will have 2 free week long leaders. 30-39 scouts paid = 3 free week long leaders, 40-49 scouts paid = 4 free week long leaders, etc…
Leader Slots Each leader slot allows a unit to have a single adult stay with the unit regardless of how this slot is filled during the week. The leader slot can be filled by a single leader all week, or a leader that stays until Wednesday followed by a new leader for the remainder of the week. A unit may not fill a slot by having two leaders stay for first half of the week. Please note that there is no longer a day rate so a leader that would like to come up for two days would require an entire leader slot. There is an exception for leaders helping with arrival or departure and information is available below.
Leaders Helping with Arrival and Departure Many units have significant transit times and sometimes leaders wish to stay over Sunday to Monday to help arrival or Friday to Saturday to help departure. These leaders were previously charged a day rate despite rarely staying a day. Now, these leaders may simply pay the meal fee for Sunday’s Family Picnic or Saturday’s Quick Breakfast. There are some restrictions on this option. First, leaders that help with arrival and departure will not be counted with the unit’s head count for the purpose of assigning beds and should plan on bringing a tent. Second, leaders will not be included with the head count for meals and will not be covered for Monday Breakfast or Friday Dinner and seats for these meals may not be available.
Week 8 Returning Camper Discount Scouts who’ve previously stayed at OSR in 2014 may return week 8 (Aug 3-9) at the deeply discounted rate of $200. If units wish to return as a group, these units will be eligible to reuse their free leader slots if they qualified for any. Week 8 generally has lower attendance but all OSR program will be available including the sometimes hard to get into programs like Science, Sailing and Photography. Please complete a Week 8 Promotion form to receive this special rate.

Summer Camp Fee Policies

  1. Your Troop will be billed at the prevailing rate for the number of campers that you tell us you are bringing to camp. No matter how hard we try, your best quote will always be better then our best estimate of your troop’s attendance. Please update your numbers often.
  2. All fees must be paid with a troop check made payable to: “BCC, BSA”
  3. Camp fees must be sent to the office address below.
    All camp fees must be sent to:

Ockanickon Scout Reservation
Bucks County Council, BSA

One Scout Way

Doylestown, PA 18901

  1. When paying camp fees, your troop is reserving space for individual Scouts at the prevailing rate. That payment locks out other potential Scouts from attending and directly affects a refund. (See refund policies) Therefore, any and all monies paid before the due date will reserve those spots for your troop. Example: If your troop is bringing 15 Scouts and pays $3,840 by the February due date, 10 will be completely paid for. The remaining 5 and any additions to your roster will be billed at the next higher rate. (Remember your confirmation reserves enough spots for your group and locks out other campers from attending)
  2. As noted above, camp fees do increase as we get closer to the opening of camp. To insure fairness, we use the postmark date on the envelope to determine all rates.
  3. Camp fees are transferable to any Scout in your troop but not transferable to any Scout outside of your troop.
  4. Camp fees are not refundable. Families may purchase Camp Cancellation Insurance as detailed here.
  5. A final roster is due 3 weeks prior to arrival. An additional charge of $100.00 will be applied if the roster arrives after the 3 week deadline. All persons placed on the roster agree to allow their likeness to be used in future camp publications like slide shows and the web page. Leaders not registered as staying for some portion of the week cannot be added to the roster simply to give visitation rights. Rosters can be faxed, emailed or mailed into camp but the electronic form provides rosters that are easy for your unit to update and for Ockanickon to manage. The spreadsheet and pdf roster forms are available in the documents section. (Please send Rosters to the following:
    Unit Roster Forms for Printing: Youth Unit Roster (PDF)Adult Unit Roster (PDF)
    Unit Roster Forms  for Electronic Submission: Unit Roster (XLS)


Other Camp Fees and Policies

ACTIVITY FEES: To help keep individual camper fees down and finance future program improvements we may be charging fees for certain extra programs and services. CPR Training, Horseback Riding, Golf and a few other camp activities require both sign-ups and payment which is done in the main office. Participants may not sign-up for activities unless accompanied by a payment. Scuba BSA and Discover Scuba are registered and paid for at the pool. All activities except Scuba may be paid for with cash, check or an available troop balance. Scuba must be paid for at the pool by cash or check.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS: Qualifying Scouts may receive camp scholarships. More information concerning the Ockanickon Campership program and an application are available from the Bucks County Council Service Center in Doylestown. Camp Scholarship Form. Application deadline is April 1, 2014.

GOLD CARD DISCOUNT: Bucks County Council Troops may qualify for an additional discount if they earned Gold Card status with Bucks County Council. This adjustment will be made in the June 2014 account statement. Leader’s fees are already significantly discounted and are not further discounted with a Gold Card. To receive the Gold Card discount, your unit must receive its Gold Card FoS target before arriving at camp.

LEADERSHIP MEALS: If space permits, registered adult leaders from your unit may eat in our dining facility. Those leaders must be listed on your unit’s summer camp roster on Sunday. Meal costs are – Breakfast: $5.50, Lunch: $6.50, Dinner: $6.50. No visitors are permitted.

PROVISIONAL CAMPERS: Scouts who come to camp without their troop are provisional campers. Troops that choose to host provisional campers receive a $10 credit for each provisional camper that they host. The credit will be applied to the troop’s 2014 summer camp fees. The fee for the first time a Scouts attends camp as a provisional camper is $420.00. The fee to attend Ockanickon for a second week is $350.00, this includes Scouts who attended their first week with their troop not as a provisional camper.

Full details are available on the Provisional Camping page.

Registration Form: 2014 Provisional Application

SUMMER CAMP 2015: You will have an opportunity to sign up for summer camp 2015 while at camp. A $100 (non-refundable) deposit will be required to reserve a spot for next summer. Visa, Discover, MasterCard, checks, money orders and cash accepted. $25.00 will be applied to your 2015 Camp Balance and $75.00 will be kept for processing.

SUNDAY PICNIC AND SATURDAY QUICK BREAKFAST: Guests coming Sunday to help with dropping of your unit and gear are welcome to buy tickets to the Sunday Unit Picnic at unit check-in. These tickets cost $7.25 for adults and $5.75 for children under 11. Guests coming Saturday to help with your unit’s departure may purchase tickets to the Saturday Quick Breakfast for $3.00 at unit check-in. Picnic and Breakfast Prices 2014


TROOP PHOTOS: Venture Crew 507 will take Troop Photos during the Dinner meal on Sunday. 8×10 color photographs and 5×7 color portraits of a Scout or Scout family will be available. All pictures are developed at the Ockanickon Photo Lab with photo proceeds funding the youth photography program. The current price of a 8×10 Troop photo is $TBD and $TBD for a 5×7 individual or family photo. Be ready for camp, bring your order form! The order form is available here as a pdf or here as an doc.

Acceptable Payments for Camp Programs

Activity Acceptable Payments
Camp Fees Cash, Check to BCCBSA
Golf Cash, Check to BCCBSA
Horseback Riding Cash, Check to BCCBSA
Rafting Cash, Check to Bucks County River Country
Diving Check to O’Donnel Diving
CPR Cash, Check to BCCBSA
Unit Photos Check to Crew 507
Photography Merit Badge Check to Crew 507
2014 Deposit Cash, Check to BCCBSA, Visa , Mastercard, or Discover