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How to Plan your Camp Schedule

Beginners Guide:

How to Choose Your Schedule While Camping at Ockanickon

If you are new to Ockanickon, planning your scout’s schedule can get a little confusing with all of the programs we offer. We have set up this “how-to” guide to help you through each step to ensure your scout has the most fun, keeping safety in mind, while at camp. Follow the links below for each step to set up the best schedule for your scout.

Step 1: Check the Activities by Ages page

  • Find out what badges we recommend for scouts your age.
  • Pick which ones you would like to do at camp.

Step 2: Look at the Schedules

  • Both, the Daily Department Schedule and the Individual Day Schedule.
  • See when the badges you liked the most are offered.

Step 3: Make your schedule.

  • Print out a couple blank copies of the Scheduling Assistant Worksheet.
  • Start at 9am Monday, go down the list and find one of the badges that you chose from the Activities by Ages page.
  • Once you decide what badge/activity you want to do, find out what time it ends.
  • Go to the next start time after the end time of the first merit badge, and go down the list, and choose another badge/activity you would like to do.
  • Continue doing this until your day is full enough for you.
    • TIP: Keep yourself busy, but not overwhelmed. Usually you want to take about 2-3 merit badges in the morning, and 2-3 more in the afternoon, and then take some free time to plan fun activities as well, such as Free Swim, Free Shoot, or Woodburning. The same thing applies for the evening. Schedule a badge or two, but leave time to do things like the Water Carnival or Volleyball Tournament.

Step 4: Get information about the badges you chose.

  • Visit the camp’s website ( and click on MB Information located on the left side.
  • Visit the pages of each of the badges you chose.
  • Check each page for the following
    • Recommended Age or Age Requirements
    • Pre-Requirements that must be done prior to camp.
    • Important Information
    • Helpful Links
      • Visit the links and review the information a few times before camp.
      • Requirements
        • Visit the requirements page, which is a wiki page that has links for each requirement at the bottom of the page. Visit those links as well.
  • If you have picked a badge that has an age requirement that you do not meet or pre-req’s that you cannot finish before camp, then go back through the schedule and pick a different activity/merit badge in that time slot.
  • If you see any information that is not matching up, please email the Program Director at and let him know so he can fix the problem, and help clarify the information you need.

Step 5: Registering for your classes.

  • Scout leaders provide each scout with merit badge application cards for each of the badges the scouts have on their schedules.
  • Scouts take these cards to their classes the first day the class meets, normally Monday, and hand those cards in to the respective merit badge counselors.
  • Once the merit badge card has been turned in, the scout is officially registered for that session.
  • Notes:
    • Anyone taking an open format merit badge in our Eagle Department needs to sign up Monday morning from 7:30-8:50am. This occurs at the Welcome Center right next door to the Dining Hall during breakfast to make it convenient for scouts to stop by on their way to or from breakfast. For scouts with A meal, we recommend using the time after breakfast. For scouts with B meal, we recommend using the time before breakfast.
    • Sign Up badges listed HERE, should be signed up and paid for on Sunday when scouts arrive.
  • Please email the Program Director at with any questions or concerns.


Helpful Tips:

  • Use Open Badges or activities like free shoots and free swims to fill in any holes in your schedule…
    • Don’t be afraid to schedule a time for free shoots or free swims either; maybe you want to take the 3:30-5pm block in the afternoon to go swimming or shoot a rifle or bow.
    • If you plan on doing Horsemanship MB, schedule Handicraft merit badges during that time for the days horsemanship does not meet or schedule appointments to complete Eagle badges during that time Tuesday and Thursday.
    • For the Open Eagle badges… these are held when you want to do them. You schedule the time that works best for you and then use that time to get the work done and get the requirements checked off.
  • SCUBA BSA occurs during both A and B dinners, so you will miss meal in the dining hall, but food will be provided at the pool when the class is over, so do not leave until you eat.
    • NOTE: Please advise Aquatics Director of any food allergies or dietary needs when you sign up for SCUBA, so appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • For anyone taking Shotgun MB,  be prepared to spend most of the mornings at the range, first at the 9am lecture, followed by shooting afterwards.
  • Rifle Shooting does not cost money for ammo now.
  • Science badges are designed for older scouts who have finished doing most other things around camp.
  • For any scout participating in the Dan Beard program, special arrangements can be made with the Handicraft director to have certain badges, like textiles and fingerprinting, be taught in your campsite in the evening. Please see the Handicraft Director to set up an appointment time.
  • Our schedule is designed to have much more than any one scout can complete in one week. We do this to ensure that every scout, even the ones that have been coming to Ockanickon for years, have activities to participate in. This is also why we have our Ages and Stages system in place.
  • Use the DAILY Schedule to decide what you want to do each evening.