Relax in an air conditioned dome, learning about the stars. The view is as if you were laying out watching the stars, except without the bugs.

Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7pm – 9pm

Free Swim

You can choose to chill out in the pool, join a game of water polo, or relax in the hot tub.

Leaders Only Swim Times: Tuesday and Thursday 9pm – 10pm


Sign up with Dan at the Pool to learn a little bit about and do some SCUBA.

Cost: $45… Dinner at the Pool afterwards – INCLUDED


Want something to bring home with you? Stop by and create something to commemorate your trip to camp, or make something for the family that couldn’t make it.

Golden Skillet

Some of the staff’s favorite leader competition, this challenge allows culinary masters in your troop to shine. Leaders cook their best dish (meal, dessert, or both) in camp, and present it to a panel of 3-4 staff judges. Categories being judged include; taste, doability, and presentation. Please submit a registration form with the day, time, and menu for your entry.

The judging can be scheduled with your Camp Commissioner, and it is best to set a serving time between 9-11:30am, 2-4:45pm, and 7:15-8:30pm.

There are two categories: Adult and Youth!

The winner(s) will be announced on Friday at the closing campfire.

Shooting Sports – Leaders Competition

Come to the range and have a blast!

Our Shooting Sports Department will be holding a leader competition during your week at summer camp this year. The competition will involve coming to the ranges during open range times, and completing the following requirements:

1. 2 ends of Archery ( 10 arrows)

2. 15 rounds of .22 cal. ( 5 sighting rounds and 1 bullet at each of 10 targets)

3. 10 shotgun rounds shooting at clay targets

The above three sessions are provided free of cost, but in order to compete you must register and pick up a score card for the competition at the rifle range. If you wish to have practice sessions, (for those who are not experts), you should purchase the ammunition at the Trading post before coming to the range for open shooting.

Once you are ready to be scored, you declare to the staff during that particular session that it is for the competition. All numeric scores will be totalled, and the highest score will be declared as “OCKANICKON TOP SHOT” for the week. All shooting must be completed by Thursday afternoon at 4PM to allow our panel of judges to verify and calculate the total scores.

Safe Swim Defense (+21 yrs)

This session reviews what you need to take your troop swimming.

2pm Monday at the Pool

Safety Afloat (+21 yrs)

This session reviews what you need to take your troop boating.

2pm Monday at the Pool

Paddlecraft Safety (+16 yrs)
Swimming and Water Rescue (+16 yrs)
Climb on Safely (+21 yrs)

This session reviews what you need to take your troop climbing.

7pm Wednesday, Breezeway of Totem

Climbing Instructor BSA (+21 yrs)
CPR Certification from American Heart Association

How to Sign Up: Sign Up and Pay at the Camp Office.

Cost: $40 includes a CPR mask

What you get: Upon paying- you will receive a workbook packet that you need for the class.

Where: Totem Lodge

When: Choose which session you want to attend when

Introduction to Leave No Trace (+18 yrs)

This is NOT the training course, only an introduction for those who aren’t familiar with what Leave No Trace is.

Where: Ecology Lodge

When: 7pm Thursday

Trek Safely (+21 yrs)

This session reviews what you need to take your troop hiking.

Where: Breezeway

When: 7:30 pm Tuesday

7:30pm Tuesday, Breezeway of Totem