Ockanickon is directly across the Tohickon Creek from Ralph Stover State Park’s High Rocks and Tohickon Valley Park’s Gray Walls. These cliffs offer participants some of the best natural rock climbing in Pennsylvania. When you earn Climbing merit badge at Ockanickon, you earn it on natural rocks. Take advantage of these natural treasures!!!

When: Monday thru Friday 9:00AM—12:00PM

*Participants will eat lunch up at the COPE course Tuesday and Thursday

Age: 13 years old & 1st class OR 14 years old

What to Bring:

Daypack: water bottle, sunblock, personal first aid kit

climbing shoes if you have them

What to wear:

Old shoes for creek crossing

Level 1 Climbing Instructor is an intensive training requiring participants to work all week with the Ockanickon Climbing Department. This program focuses on the equip-ment, technical knowledge, and safety skills necessary to facilitate climbing trips.

BSA’s Topping Out manual will guide participants as they review best practices and minimal requirements for anchoring, supervision, and belaying in both a tower and nat-ural rock climbing environment.

Hands-on experience is a critical component of this course as participants set the an-chors and ropes for both top roped climbs and rappels. Participants should complete Climb On Safely before enrolling in this training

When: Monday thru Friday 9:15AM—12:00PM and 2:00PM—5:00PM

***Please talk to the Climbing Director at the Sunday Leader Meeting to arrange meet-ings for this program, since participation in Monday’s activities are a must***

Age: Must be at least 21 years old

Climb On Safely training is intended for adult leaders 21 years or older interested in reviewing BSA standards necessary to take a troop climbing.

When: Tuesday and Thursday Night at 7:30PM

Where: Climbing Tower Gazebo

Age: Must be at least 21 years old

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience offers Scouts an opportunity to have fun while building teamwork and self-confidence. To promote the crew dynamic, Scouts develop their communication and problem solving skills as they participate in team-building activities and initiative games. Then, the COPE crew uses spotting skills to suc-cessfully overcome Ockanickon’s 10 Low COPE elements including the Mohawk Walk, Swinging Log, and the Wild-Woozy. As the crew develops its ability to function as a team, the challenges move skyward as they use belaying skills to attempt the 10 High COPE elements including the Skywalk, Pirates Crossing, Giant’s Ladder, and Zip-line.

When: Monday thru Friday 9:00AM—12:00PM

Age: 13 years old & 1st class -OR- 14 years old

What to Bring: Water Bottle

What to wear: Long Pants

The Endurance Crew is a sampling of the best that the Adventure Sports Department has to offer. Participants will have an active week as this full day program incorporates COPE, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, shotgun shooting, and a Delaware River ca-noeing trip.

Successful participants will leave the program with both Cycling and Climbing merit badges.

When: Monday thru Friday 9:00AM—5:00PM

*Participants will eat lunches at the COPE course or on the trail Tuesday and Thursday

Age: 13 years old & 1st class -OR- 14 years old

What to Bring:

Daypack: water bottle, sun block, personal first aid kit

What to wear:

Old shoes to cross creek for climbing

Long Pants for COPE

Swimming suit & sun block for canoe trip

Solid shoes for hiking

Ockanickon uses quality Cannondale Mountain Bikes to conquer trails from easy rides on local country roads, to a rough ride through rocky terrain. We also offer varied trip lengths: shorter trips for those who just want to try it; longer trips for those who want to go out on a real adventure.

Where: Meet at the COPE Shed

When: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00—5:00PM

*Trips depart shortly after the meeting time, so BE ON TIME!!

Age: Any Age

What to Bring: Water bottle, closed-toe shoes

When you combine snowboarding with off-road tires, you get one exciting ride any time of year. Our Adventure Sports staff is on hand to give you instructions and tips. Take one ride down, or spend the whole session riding.

Where: Totem Pole near Climbing Tower

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:00—5:00PM

Monday NIGHT 7:00PM—8:30PM

Age: Any age