Dan Beard is our 1st-year camper program for new Scouts. It is designed to give new Scouts an opportunity to earn a number of the rank requirements from Tenderfoot, 2nd, and 1st Class Ranks. It also gives the Scouts a chance to earn Art Merit Badge, and also cover Instructional Swim or Swimming Merit Badge, depending on their swimming ability at the beginning of the week. This program also teaches the Scouts about the patrol method, which Scouting is all about. Scouts will also learn about a knife, an axe, and saw safety and earn their Totin’ Chip during their time in Dan Beard. Dan Beard is an all day program and the participants are REQUIRED to attend BOTH SESSIONS each day.

Schedule: Scouts report to the Dan Beard field at the start of every session to meet with their patrol leader. The first day, they work on games to get to know the other Scouts in their patrols and come up with patrol names and cheers, which emphasize the importance of the Scout Spirit. The rest of the week, the patrols will meet in the Dan Beard Field for half of the day, and the Patrol Leaders will take their patrols to different areas around camp to work on different skills. One day they will visit our Scoutcraft area and work on knots and lashings, another day they will visit the Science Center and get a hands-on introduction to science. Another day, the patrol will visit the Health & Safety department and work on some first aid skills. During the rest of the day, the patrols will work on Art Merit Badge, and patrol leaders will take the Scouts to the pool to work on Swimming.

Merit Badges Covered: Art Merit Badge & Swimming Merit Badge

Notes: Special evening sessions of Fingerprinting Merit Badge can be arranged with our Arts Director so that Dan Beard Scouts can earn even more merit badges during their week at camp.

1-2 Whipping & FusingRifle ShootingMap & CompassFirst AidLashings
3-4 Map & CompassFirst AidWhipping & FusingLashingsRifle Shooting
5-6Rifle ShootingWhipping & FusingLashingsMap & CompassFirst Aid
7-8+First AidLashingsRifle ShootingWhipping & FusingMap & Compass