The Merit Badge Program

  • The merit badge program provides an opportunity for Scouts to gain more skill in things that they enjoy doing and to have a chance to try out new activities.
  • Merit badges are part of the self-paced advancement system that allows Scouts to challenge themselves, rather than compete against others.
  • Troop Leaders should keep these goals in mind and discourage competition for a number of badges that Scouts earn. Please realize that some of these cannot be completed in one week.

Merit Badge Sign-up Process

Merit Badge Information

The Leader’s Role

In order for each Scout to have a successful experience, we encourage unit leaders to do the following:

1. In May, review each Scout’s advancement and help him decide which merit badges he wants to work on at camp. Be sure to review the schedule to make sure there are no conflicts.

2. Review all requirements/prerequisites and talk about the difficulty of each badge with the Scout. Determine what needs to be completed before going to camp. a. If the badge has a pre-registration requirement, make sure that the Scout is signed up two weeks in advance to give them the best chance of participation.

3. Unit leaders must issue a signed merit badge card for each badge that a Scout is taking. Completed or partial cards will be returned at the end of the week.

*Please do not encourage Scouts to take more than 6 merit badges in the week. Let them have time to go and do some of the other fun activities around camp!*

Partial System

If a Scout wishes to finish a previously attempted, but not completed merit badge, A.K.A. a “partial”, he should present the partial blue card to the instructor of the merit badge on the first day of class. The Director and Scout together will then schedule what time and work are needed for completion.

Please note, when a Scout presents a partial to a counselor, the work previously completed may or may not be accepted. Partials from previous years are valid until the Scout turns 18 provided that the Scout can satisfy the counselor that he is currently knowledgeable in the subject matter. Scouts may make appointments with the Program Director to return during successive camp sessions to complete minor requirements (not entire badges) for partials earned during their resident week.