Other Badges and Activities

Airband Competition

Continuing Ockanickon’s tradition of a non-traditional program, a unit airband competition will be offered each week. This activity is open to both youth and adults and prizes of various degrees will be available to those who are particularly gifted at playing non-existent instruments.

What’s an airband? An airband is the outcome of playing the air guitar or singing into a hairbrush. Air guitar, or air anything, is playing an imaginary instrument to the music of a song. The air guitar became popular with the first wave of British rock in the 1970s. An airband is where a whole bunch of people play different imaginary instruments, once again to a song being played in the background.

How can you score someone on playing an imaginary instrument?

The judges for the airband competition will be looking for four things:

1) Enthusiasm – is your airband playing its heart out? Even if the song isn’t terribly loud or upbeat, Scout enthusiasm can still shine through. Doing something loudly with energy only a teenage Boy Scout can muster can overcome even the greatest of obstacles. (10 points)

2) Technique – do the drummer’s hands hit the imaginary drum head at the right time or does he look like someone that’s being electrocuted? Part of airbanding is presenting that you have a passing familiarity with instrumentation or can at least fake looking like you do. (5 points)

3) Imitation – does your airband group look and act like the group that’s actually do-ing the song? If someone does Jethro Tull, does the flutist do the entire piece on one leg? Is your cover of the Beach Boys done while wearing Hawaiian shirts? (5 points)

When is the competition? The Airband Competition will be held alongside the volleyball tournament on Thursday night starting at 7:15 P.M.


Opening Campfire

The opening campfire is a show of skits, songs, and cheers performed by the staff. It usually ends with a story and closing Scout songs. It’s purpose is to keep you enter-tained as well as get you involved. We want to see how loud and enthusiastic you and your troop can be. This is one of the best places to show Scout Spirit.

When: Directly after Sunday Night’s Opening Retreat.

Where: Follow the rest of camp to the campfire circle behind the Trading Post.

Closing Campfire

This is when troops are given the opportunity to show their stuff to the rest of camp. Troops come up with their favorite song, skit, cheer, or story OR better yet, come up with their own original song, skit, or cheer and work with one of our Camp Commissioners who organize the closing campfire and make sure everything runs smoothly. This is also the time that the camp and Program Areas hand out any awards to campers, patrols, and troops. This campfire ends with a slideshow of your week at camp and the closing Scout songs by the staff.

Where: Line up at the Campfire

Duty to God

As a part of doing their Duty to God, all Scouts are expected to participate in a worship experience as a part of every camp experience. At Camp Ockanickon, we offer a variety of opportunities to fulfill that requirement.

Vespers: Vespers is the name of a brief prayer service that is held around sundown, at the end of the day. The word comes from the Latin “vesper” which means “evening” and the practice of evening prayer comes from the evening prayer services which were held in monasteries from at least the early sixth century. Vespers Services at Camp Ockanickon are intended to be suitable for all Scouts, with the focus being on the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and patriotic themes. They are not “religious” but are intended to be a meaningful spiritual experience for all.

Daily Devotionals: The daily devotionals are informal sessions focusing on one of the points of the Scout Law each day. Each individual, either youth or adult, participates in an interactive way.

Duty to God Puzzle Patch Program: **For Youth and Adults**

Camp Ockanickon participates in the Duty to God Puzzle Patch program available from P.R.A.Y. Publishing Co. This is the company that publishes the materials for scouts to use when working toward their religious medal within their own faith organization. Youth and adults can earn their Duty To God patch by completing five easy requirements as listed on the form available in the camp office.

The first time the program is completed, the participant receives the patch with the kneeling scout, which is always available. After the first patch is earned, the subsequent patch of the year is earned—this subsequent patch changes each year in a rotation. Complete the puzzle picture by finishing the program four sequential times and earning all four patches.

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Camp isn’t just about merit badges. Scouts enjoy all sorts of fun activities here at Ockanickon and we have something fun for everyone. One of the most popular activities in camp is Magic: The Gathering™, so we have dedicated a night where everyone in camp that enjoys the card game can get together and play against all of the other Magic fans. Players may play pick-up games or participate in one of the two tournaments where players with winning records receive prizes. The tournament is run by an experienced DCI Judge.

When: Tuesday Night 7:15pm

Where: Foster Dining Hall

Cost: $5.00 for Constructed (Player Provides Their Own Deck), $20.00 for Sealed (Players Receive Five Packs to Build a Deck)


Opening Retreat

Sunday night, troops begin to line the main road beginning at the Totem Pole by the Trading Post around 7:45pm. At 8pm the entire camp marches down to the Grand Parade Field and then the large American Flag is lowered by the staff. Afterwards, the camp moves up the hill to the campfire circle for the Opening Campfire.

Weekday Retreats

These retreats occur Monday thru Friday in between meals, approximately 6:15pm, at the flags in front of the Camp Office. Troops line up next to each other in the field. If your troop would like to lower the flags, please contact your Commissioner at camp. One of the staff will meet your troop and spend time reviewing how to lower and fold the flags. Even if you do not have enough people to fill an entire Color Guard, Scouts are welcome to join the staff and help them lower and fold the flags.

Final Retreat

Saturday morning, we gather the camp for one last ceremony and our final retreat. We line up at the Totem Pole just like we did when we arrived on Sunday. We ask that troops begin to line up at 9:15am so we are ready to march out at 9:30am. Before lowering the flags one last time, we recognize our Honor Campers by calling them up in front of the rest of the camp and presenting them with their patch. After any other final awards are handed out, we lower the flag and do our last pass and review.

Totin' Chip

This training for a knife, ax, and saw safety is offered by our staff to anyone who needs it, whether it’s their first time or they need a refresher class. Campers learn the safety precautions Scouts need to take when using or carrying one of these potentially dangerous tools. It’s a hands-on course, with the campers practicing the skills they are learning so that they retain the information more effectively.

When: Tuesday Night 7:15pm

Where: Dan Beard Field

Who: Campers that are NOT in the Dan Beard, but need Totin’ Chip

Volleyball Tournament

One of Ockanickon’s most popular activities, this competition has teams compete in a bracket-style tournament that ends with the winning team taking on the staff team.

When: Entry Forms need to be handed into the office by Wednesday at 5pm

Play starts at 6:30 P.M. Thursday Night

Where: Volleyball Court