Shooting Sports at Ockanickon

With all of the exciting changes occurring at our Camp this year, we have adopted the National Shooting Sports Guideline recommendations.

Shooting Sports – Leaders Competition Come to the range and have a blast! Our Shooting Sports Department will be holding a leader competition during your week at summer camp this year.

The competition will involve coming to the ranges during open range times, and completing the following requirements:

1. 2 ends of Archery ( 10 arrows)
2. 15 rounds of .22 cal. ( 5 sighting rounds and 1 bullet at each of 10 targets)
3. 10 shotgun rounds shooting at clay targets

The above three sessions are provided free of cost, but in order to compete you must register and pick up a score card for the competition at the rifle range. If you wish to have practice sessions, (for those who are not experts), you should purchase the ammunition at the Trading post before coming to the range for open shooting. Once you are ready to be scored, YOU MUST declare to the staff during that particular session, that itis for the competition. All numeric scores will be totaled, and the highest score will be declared as “OCKANICKON TOP SHOT” for the week. All shooting must be completed by Thursday afternoon at 4PM to allow our panel of judges to verify and calculate the total scores.

Open Range:

Rifle Shooting 9:00AM—10:30AM 2:00PM—4:45PM

Shotgun Shooting 10:30AM—11:45AM

Archery Shooting 10:30AM—11:45PM 3:15PM—4:45PM

*Scouts attempting the shooting merit badges will take priority during these times.

Ammunition Costs for Open Shooting:

.22 caliber rifle- $1.25 for 15 rounds, 3 targets (consider up to 30 minutes shooting time)

12 gauge shotgun- $.75 per round, includes clay target (consider 10 rounds per session)

Archery is free (consider there could be a backlog of archers)

The ranges can get very busy at times, it is suggested that large groups, ie Troops or Patrols, should try to schedule a time with the Shooting Sports Director in advance.

It is suggested when purchasing ammunition for open shooting that Scouts should only purchase the amount they can shoot each day, understanding a rotation on the .22 range could take up to 30 minutes a round. If a scout wishes to TRY a shotgun, they should purchase about 5 rounds.

Age: We are going to follow the suggested “Ages and Stages” recommendations for Shooting Sports. Scouts taking the shooting merit badges should be 3rd or 4th-year campers, attaining at least 13-14 years old.

Regarding Dan Beard Scouts: The Dan Beard Scouts will have a full schedule at the Dan Beard field for the week and will have their own shooting program using .177 caliber co2 rifles sized for them. It is recommended that if a leader insists on bringing a first year Scout(s) to the range, the Scout(s) must be accompanied by said scout leader. The scout leader must schedule an appointment in advance, with the Shooting Sports Director or Range Safety Officer their intentions and a number of scouts they will be bringing to the range.

NOTE: The merit badge classes are classroom only and Scouts must attend all classes at the same time each day. Class time does not include time to shoot on the ranges. Scouts must earn their qualification targets during open range times.

Shotgun merit badge class is 9:00AM until 10:15AM.

Rifle merit badge classes are 10:30AM—11:45AM OR 2:00PM—3:15PM

Archery merit badge classes are 9:00AM—10:30 OR 2:00PM—3:15PM

In each of the shooting merit badges, the Scout should schedule the entire morning or afternoon to be on the range as the journey to the ranges is time-consuming and not friendly to a tight schedule for other merit badges.

Shooting Qualifications:

Shotgun Merit Badge

 break 24 clay birds out of 50 rounds

This will take a few shooting sessions to accomplish as most youth will not be able to physically shoot 50 rounds at one session, as well as attaining and holding the proper stance and target picture.

Rifle Merit Badge

5 targets, shooting 5 rounds at each target and placing the 5 holes inside the size of a quarter

This will require techniques and concentration methods learned in the class.

Archery Merit Badge

 shoot a minimum total score of 160 points

Again this requires the scout to focus on form and concentration.

All merit badge shooters receive enough ammunition to earn the merit badge for free.

Usually, a Scout will shoot:

Rifle- 12 targets, 4 blocks of 15 rounds of .22 caliber ammo

Shotgun- maximum of 50 rounds of 12 gauge using a Remington 11-87 semi auto

Archery- using a youth genesis compound bow

Leaders wishing to shoot on any range must understand the merit badge shooters have priority for shooting times and plan accordingly. Leaders who wish to participate in the Leaders’ Competition, must let the Range Staff know in advance. All “practice” shots must be purchased at the trading post. Only those shots for the competition are free.